„Choose the Lithuanian products 2023”

This is one of the most popular traditional events, which has been held in Kaunas for fifteen years and attracts a large number of visitors from the entire Kaunas district and beyond. It has become a tradition for various local companies to showcase their newest products to consumers at the “Choose the Lithuanian products ” exhibition. This year, 255 manufacturers and brands participated, including participants in the “Choose EU” program.

At the “Choose EU” stand, customers could sample various plant-based and organic products. The opportunity to explore many different categories (from fruit purees, smoothies, to vegetable snacks, eco-friendly oil, or chocolate) attracted numerous consumers. After showing interest and trying one product, people gladly listened to information about another. We encouraged people to “challenge themselves” and think about their eating habits “here and now.” Encouraged by this, customers simply grabbed the flyers with monthly challenges.