“Days of the Capital 2023”

The capital of Lithuania traditionally welcomes the autumn with a special city celebration called “Days of the Capital 2023,” which lasts for three days. During the festival, Gediminas Avenue in the heart of Vilnius buzzes with residents and guests.

This is not a village fair or market! It’s a place of active cultural engagement and creative ideas, where all kinds of needs, desires, or fantasies come to life. Neighbors and friends meet at this celebration, along with city visitors. This is how the people of Vilnius express themselves! There are even four areas of activity along the lively boulevard:

  • Street of Arts and Music
  • Style Distribution
  • Path of the Tasty Souvenirs
  • Space for Active Rest

Our pavilion was located in the “Space for Active Rest.” Why? Because we wanted to be exceptional. And we succeeded because our promotional team girls were buzzing around like bees, offering treats to the festival participants. Particularly popular were the ecological kombucha and the cold tea made from natural fruit purees. As the day was sunny and warm, the city’s active residents gladly refreshed themselves and enjoyed the drinks we offered.