European countries are famous for their food culture, with dishes and foods that are popular around the world. As the food industry and technology evolve, more and more producers are looking to capitalise on the success of a popular product or brand and offer consumers a cheaper alternative under the same name. The EU quality label helps a company to protect a unique product of specific origin from unfair competition, and gives the consumer the assurance that the product is of high quality and exceptional, making it easier to choose products.

European Union Quality Label Scheme Indications:

Protected Designation of Origin – PDO

These are the products most closely linked to their place of production.

Labelled products: food and agricultural products, wines.

Specifications: all parts of the production, processing and preparation process must take place in the region concerned. For wine, this means that the grapes must come only from the geographical area where the drink is produced.

Protected Geographical Indication – PGI

It is the link between a specific geographical region and the name of a product, as the special quality, reputation or other characteristics of a product are mainly due to its geographical origin.

Labelled products: food and agricultural products, wines.

Specification: at least one of the many stages of production, processing or preparation of the products takes place in the region. For wine, this means that at least 85% of the grapes used must come exclusively from the geographical area where the wine is produced.


The wine produced in the Thracian Lowlands (a wine region in the south of Bulgaria) has the PGI label. The wine of the PGI of the Thracian Lowlands is produced in accordance with the old wine-making traditions and methods of the Thrace region, but not only using grapes grown in that particular region.

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